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Not For Resale FAQ

Not For Resale (NFR) FAQ

Young Living offers shipment of products on a Not For Resale (NFR) basis. This occurs mainly in countries where Young Living is not officially registered e.g. where there is no Head Office, and where legally allowed to operate and ship to.

International NFR Countries

A list of Young Living NFR countries is below (scroll to the bottom 😊):

Sign up!

Residents in any country where Young Living is not officially registered who want to sign-up and purchase products NFR has to do it under the US enrolment process.

You may still use the sponsor and enroller that has supported you and they do not need to be based in the US. If you have their Young Living member numbers this will assist in becoming a member.

NFR Payment

Orders can be done through the Virtual Office (VO), phone, email, fax and mail.

Payment will be charged in US dollars.

NFR Shipping

Products will be shipped via international carrier from the US. Carriers vary depend on location.

Each country has different customs importation policies and procedures. If products are delayed at customs the member will be considered the importer and be required to obtain any products stopped by customs.

Duties and other important taxes may apply to your purchase. The member will be responsible for any of these costs.

Any member purchasing on an NFR basis are responsible for knowing the importation and custom laws of relevant country.

International Ordering

Members can order up to a 3 month supply of Young Living products for two individuals per month.

Products ordered must be for personal use of member and immediate family members and are not to be used for retail sale.

Members where Young Living is officially registered

Members that reside in countries where Young Living operates can take advantage of purchasing products not available in their market from the US through NFR.

As per payment above the price will be charged in US dollars and shipped as per the above NFR shipping.

If the product is available in member’s local market it cannot be purchased through NFR.

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